Working towards a world without waste

We’re circular economy experts. That means we can help your business create waste-free closed loop supply chains. From product selection, packaging, sorting, collection, recycling and product design – find out more about what we can do for you.

Choosing The Right Products
We can help you to choose the best, most eco-friendly, products and packaging to consume
Reduce Waste
We can help you to minimise the amount of waste your business produces
Capture Your Used Products
We can help you to capture the products your business consumes so they can be recycled
Increase Recycling
We can help you to maximise your recycling rate which will reduce your waste & carbon footprint
Close The Loop On Waste
We can help you to create closed loop systems where your used products are made back into new ones
Capture Data & Improve
We can help you to track your recycling process and use the data to optimise your approach

Our Clients & Partners

We’re working with companies throughout the supply chain. From packaging manufacturers to drinks companies, from sports venues to festival organisers, from office buildings to train stations and from material suppliers to waste processors we are able to help with circular economy solutions.

“Amazing things happen by collaboration. Partnering with The Rubbish Project is an innovative journey how to redefine end of life with production in mind and stop treating things as waste but treat them as valuable raw material/building blocks for something new. Or as they say it, if we don’t end waste now we will have a rubbish future”

It's the future of rubbish.

We are digitally mapping the circular economy in order to enable and measure change. Wherever we work, we seek to create a transparent and connected supply chain. 

Future proofing your waste system.

Our tracking system works for any event or venue consuming single use or disposable packaging. Learn how to improve the capture and collection systems which support your circular economy. We help clients at all stages in their sustainability journey.

No. Product Types

No. Waste Streams

Product Capture %

Total Products Collected

Upload products, deliveries, deposit figures and more

Plus plenty more insights

Automate data with live API feeds

Link your own databases with the rubbish portal via our REST API. You can automate uploading of data to our database, and have our system provide you the portal data back into your own database.

We help Venues Events Recyclers Suppliers Sponsors Distributors Manufacturers

From office buildings and manufacturing sites, to coffee shops and train stations, we can help venue operators to track, capture and eradicate waste. By working throughout the supply chain we can provide data across the enitre lifecycle of the products you consume.
We have been providing waste tracking, capture and recycling services to the events industry for over 7 years. Working with everyone including trade shows, large music festivals, sporting events and more.
Waste Collectors & Processors
We will connect you with new venues & events to source waste from, and we will not only ensure the material is optimally segregated for your collection but also provide data on the products it contains. O
We can work with you to track your products journey to the point of consumption. We will then work with the venue/business consuming your products to optimise their waste management system and ensure they are captured for recycling. We will also work with the waste collectors and processors to track the recovery of the material. W
We can provide our services to the events and venues you supply enabling them to capture and recycle the products. We will capture the data on this and present it to you alongside other lifecycle data on a dashboard.

Mission Rubbish

We are a collective of sustainability innovators, designers and recycling specialists, tackling environmental challenges with scalable solutions.

Provide genuine circular economy solutions

Use as much recycled material as possible

Track full product & material life cycles

Achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint

We Tell Stories With Rubbish

We know the power and value of effective story telling, especially when supported with the evidence and insights data provides. We can help you tell your circular economy story in a way that engages your customers and the public, raising your ESG profile, and establishing your company as sustainability innovators building a better future.

Coming Soon

Here are some of the projects we are working on which are soon to launch under The Rubbish Project. 


The One Project, a close partner to The Rubbish Project will soon be launching a Microline, capable of advanced waste sorting and tracking.

Working with the Colossus printer, we will be offering furniture and homeware products from small to large, all made from rubbish. 

We will also provide materials for makers who wish to create their own products from waste, such as filament and printing compound.

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