About Us

Meet The Team

This Rubbish Project is a collaboration of specialists in the recycling field and sustainability pioneers, working together to provide circular economy solutions which make environmental sense.

Jack Schneider

Designer for the Circular Economy

Co- Founder & Director

Connor Bryant

Designer for the Circular Economy

Co- Founder & Director

Julia Hailes MBE

Environmental Author, Campaigner & Consultant

Sustainability Advisor

Jonathan Taylor

Events Waste Management Expert

Co- Founder & Director

Nigel Grist

Waste Management & Recycling Expert

Co- Founder & Director

The Rubbish Project Values

follow the science

Creating truly sustainable solutions is a complex scientific task. There is a fast paced evolution of knowledge and technology in the industry. To ensure we provide accurate advice we work with experts and independent scientists. 

leave NO WASTE

We actively remove waste from the environment and bring it into our circular economy. All of our products adopt a zero waste policy, with systems designed to manage the entire material life cycle.


We are passionate about bringing the circular economy to life, by developing products and systems which support this concept. We know that the circular economy will become part of the solution to environmental pollution. 

A Collaboration Between

Loop Innovations ltd

Loop Innovations is a Sustainable Design Consultancy, working to create products & systems that make true environmental sense. The core focus is designing for the circular economy, creating products using recycled materials that have closed loop life-cycles.

Grist environmental ltd

Grist Environmental is one of the leading waste management businesses in the south of England. Its operations are supported by years of experience, a dedicated workforce, cutting edge technology and a large fleet of specialist vehicles.