The Carbon Stats

Embodied Carbon

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The Rubbish Cup

The embodied carbon per cup is the amount carbon released in order to manufacture a product. The material, weight and manufacturing process all effect this number. The Rubbish Cup has a very low embodied carbon as it is very lightweight and uses 100% rPET which has low energy consumption. 

The Lifecycle

The Rubbish Cup is part of a closed system which ensures the cups and other PET waste collected on site (such as bottles) are recycled into cups at the end of their life. We can continuously repeat this process by adding more PET waste, keeping it within our loop.

The Rubbish Cup Lifecycle

% Carbon Compared to a Reusable Plastic Cup


* Assuming on site washing, 5 times per event. Reusable cups are often transported long distances to specialist high heat washing facilities, resulting in an increased carbon footprint

* Assuming no cups are lost, broken or taken during the event, due to lack of data. This displays reusable cups in a perfect world.

Over its life, The Rubbish cup creates just 5% of the carbon a reusable plastic (PP) cup produces. This means a reusable cup must be used more than 20 times to become more carbon efficient. With branding linking cups to specific events, and an average 1 in 3 cup loss rate (people taking cups home), reusable cups are rarely used more than 5 times. A reusable metal cup (stainless steel) would need to be used a massive 70 times. To meet their sustainability claims, reusable schemes should focus on ensuring no cups are taken offsite or branded.

We designed our cup to be great for the planet.

Working with independent researchers, we have compared the carbon footprint of our cup with common alternatives on the market. We developed The Rubbish Cup with the goal of achieving the lowest carbon footprint possible, see how we did it in our carbon comparison.

Get a copy of our full Carbon Comparison

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