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The Rubbish Project is a company focused on delivering circular economy solutions. We are based in the UK and Belgium, offering our services to most of Europe.  We focus on traceability and story telling, enabling companies to monitor their impact and take strides towards reducing it, while communicating these efforts to their customers or stakeholders.

This is very dependant on the specific service we are offering. Access to the dashboard and tracking is an annual membership at €500. We advise events that the additional cost per cup is anywhere from 0.9 – 2 cents depending on the actual requirements. 

Membership to your dashboard and tracking is annual. We can offer 3 & 5 year plans so get in touch to discuss this if you are interested.

Make sure you are logged in as the tracker wont load unless you are logged into the correct account associated to your event. If you have never had it working, it may be that the tracker has not been linked to your account correctly in the first instance. Send us a message or open a ticket in the help section of the member forum and we will get you back online.

This is always a tough one because it depends on the scenario of use. Most often a single use cup within a closed loop scheme is the best due to its low carbon and scalability. For small events, reusables can work well as long as the cup return rate remains high. Check out our cup comparison guide for and in depth review, or look at the forums where we cover this topic in detail.

Deposit schemes are our favourite method for collecting cups as it engages the consumer and provides a clean stream of stacked cups. It can also be used to pay for your collection scheme costs in full. Coupling this with effective bin infrastructure and litter picking is a good move for capturing any remaining cups.  Look at the ‘collection methods’ section of our collection guide which goes over some of the options you may have.

Virgin polymer is the cheaper option, but thats where the benefits end. It uses substantially more carbon in its production when compared to recycled plastics, and supports the oil industry. This is covered in depth in our cup comparison so be sure to check that out too.

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