We provide cup collection schemes to ensure they are captured and transformed back into products, closing the loop.

Its the circular economy in action. See how it works below!

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Recycled From Cup to Cup

Our rPET Cup is manufactured using only recycled plastic and when you order it you’re ordering a complete closed loop system, where all used cups are recycled back into new cups. It’s a low carbon and low waste solution for events, which is both cost effective and easy to implement.

The Rubbish Cup Recycled Cup Loop
recycled PET content, so no new plastic enters the world
recyclable at end of life
100 kg
net emissions, we carbon offset every one of our cups

Cup Collection Services

We believe in the circular economy, which is why we offer collection services alongside our cups. We aim to capture all of the used cups and any other PET waste, and recycle them into cups again using our fully closed loop system

There are a wide range of methods available when it comes to collecting used cups at your event. We will work with you to find the option which suits best. 

Bagged Cup Collection

Cups are separated and bagged on site by your existing site management service. These can be loose, or stacked. Bags are collected by us at the end of your event.  



bin Hire & Collection

Cups are separated into stacks on site and loaded into bins which we empty. Cups should be captured through a collection scheme which results in cups being stacked to increase collection efficiency and reduce the cost. The overall cost is largely dependant on your storage capabilities.




The most advanced cup collection strategy. The Rubbish Project provides an onsite waste collection service, gathering up the used cups with the help of our partners. We can achieve the best rate of capture, and provide all the infrastructure required. 

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The Rubbish Tracker

Waste Tracking

We work within the principles of a circular economy, and have adopted a variety of material tracking methods. It’s possible to gather vast amounts of data that can be used to derive valuable insights which support recycling efficiency improvements and much more.

We designed our cup to be great for the planet.

The Rubbish Cup Lifecycle

Working with independent researchers, we have compared the carbon footprint of our cup with common alternatives on the market. We developed The Rubbish Cup with the goal of achieving the lowest carbon footprint possible, see how we did it in our carbon comparison.

Get a copy of our full Carbon Comparison

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