The Rubbish Cup

The UK's first 100% recycled plastic cup

The Rubbish Cup is manufactured using only recycled plastic and is sold alongside a closed loop system which ensures the cups are recycled back into cups. The Rubbish Cup offers a low carbon and low waste solution to events, which is cost effective and easy to implement.

recycled PET content, so no new plastic enters the world
less carbon to produce than a reusable plastic cup
100 kg
net emissions, we carbon offset every one of our cups

Cup Collection Services

We believe in the circular economy, which is why we offer collection services alongside our cups. We aim to capture all of the used cups and any other PET waste, and recycle them into cups again using our fully closed loop system

There are a wide range of methods available when it comes to collecting used cups at your event. We will work with you to find the option which suits your event best. There are three routes events tend to follow:


Onsite Cup Collection

The Rubbish Project provides an onsite waste collection service, gathering up the used cups. We can achieve the best rate of capture, and guarantee that all waste collected will be recycled – with all PET going into cup production.


Equipment & Pickup

The Rubbish Project provides the event with bins, signage and other collection resources. We will work with the organisers to suggest a system that uses our bins and other materials in the most effective way. 


Cup Waste Pickup

The existing waste contractor manages cup collection, The Rubbish Project will recycle all returned PET waste into cups . We can collect the cups from an event if gathered in one location, for a small collection fee, or they can be delivered.

We Buy Our Cups Back!

We buy back our cups and any other PET waste, at £5 per 100kg. Earn money by becoming part of our circular economy and we will recycle all of your PET waste into new cups, again and again.

We designed our cup to be great for the planet.

Find out how we did it...

Working with independent researchers, we have compared the carbon footprint of our cup with common alternatives on the market.