The Rubbish Project works with Huhtamaki to supply recycled cups, and deliver circular economy solutions to events in the UK, Benelux and Germany, enabling them to transform cups back into products in a closed loop.


€500 pa

Membership is compulsory for events, giving access to an online dashboard, a hub to learn and develop collection techniques, discuss in forums, receive help, and to actively track your impact in The Rubbish Tracker. As a part of membership, events receive at least two hours of circular consultancy each year.


€0.009 per cup

This fee is charged per cup, and covers the cost of our management of the cup recycling system. We will work with your waste manager, and your event team to create a system which enables traceability and enhances capture rates. 

Additional Fees

€0.00 - €0.01 per cup

It is possible to incur additional fees if there are infrastructure requirements out of our scope of service. For example, if we cannot create a circular relationship with your existing waste manager we will have to come to your site and collect the waste material. We recommend you allow for up to 0.05€ per cup used which should cover any additional fees. 

How it works...

Our system of working adapts depending on the client, as we offer a very customised service to events. These three steps cover the core route of working together, and apply to most events.



Before the event starts, we will set you up with a dashboard, and ask for any data we can use to start building your tracker. From here, you can go through the collection guide to develop the collection systems you will adopt on site. We will contact you to discuss the capture methods and guide you through the process. We will also connect and reach out to your existing waste manager to check if we already work with them or if we need to develop a new relationship.



During your event, we will be in regular contact with all parties to ensure cup collection runs smoothly. For large events a member of The Rubbish Project team will be provided to manage the process in person. If working with your waste manager we will not be required to collect material, however if we cannot achieve traceability with the existing waste manager we will have to collect the material with our logistics partner following the event.



Following the event, you must provide us with the required data in the dashboard (Cup quantities and types used on site). Once your material is sorted and contaminants have been removed, your tracker will be updated to display your complete event data including a figure for total cups collected. Throughout the year we will continue to update the tracker as your material is transformed back into products.

Let's Work Together.

To Improve The World.

Fill in the form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are keen innovators and problem solvers in the circular economy world, so go ahead and reach out even if you think its a long shot!

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