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Connor Bryant speaks at Norwich Science Festival

Connor spoke passionately about disruptive futures and why our current path is so unsustainable. Take a look at the video below where you can watch him speak alongside some other fantastic panelists such as Sir Jonathan Porritt.

Last weekend Connor Bryant spoke alongside Sir Jonathan Porritt (CBE), Professor Nitya Rao, Dr. Hayley Pinto, and Professor Tim O’Riordan on a panel at Norwich Science Festival.

The focus of the event was sustainability. Which in its broad sense covers all environmental issues. Not solely climate change, but the management of resources, living in harmony with the natural world, and much more. The concept of the circular economy revolves around cycles, and the ability to sustain resources and emissions, which cannot be achieved without radical change.

Connors talk focused on the radical change and the disruptive future that is required to shift us away from the damaging and well-documented unsustainable path we are leading.

It is #sustainability #pioneers such as Jonathon, and to give her the credit she deserves, my mother, Julia Hailes, that have paved the way for my generation to take up the mantle and given us a fighting chance. I will be forever grateful for the work done by the pioneers of green, and it is an honour to have the opportunity to work alongside them.

Connor Bryant, CEO The Rubbish Project

You can watch Connor (@29:20), amongst other brilliant speakers who attended the Norwich Science Festival, in the video above. Despite some minor technical hiccups the talks were very engaging and well received.

Norwich Science Festival - Disruptive Futures

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