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The Rubbish Project & Huhtamaki Team Up To Tackle Single-Use Waste

We have teamed up with Huhtamaki to bring an end to single-use rubbish, by creating fully closed-loop supply chains for their products. We create capture systems at sites where these products are consumed, ensuring the material is recovered for recycling. Where possible, we supply the recovered material back to Huhtamaki, so they can make it into the same product again.

Huhtamaki is supporting The Rubbish Project to develop the digital and physical infrastructure required to close the loop on disposable packaging in a transparent and carbon-efficient way. Huhtamaki’s client base contains some of the largest consumers of single-use packaging, making the potential impact of the partnership huge. This is the beginning of the transition to the circular economy that the world desperately needs.

The rubbish tracker will be used to collect and display data relating to the material lifecycle. The rubbish dashboard will enable consumers to understand best practices and achieve maximum capture, using a wide range of resources.

Several other companies focused on delivering the circular economy and sustainable solutions are being supported by Huhtamaki. This opens up the potential for collaborative projects which can achieve far more than any one company could alone.

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