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The Rubbish Project manages a reusable system for the first time at Cosmic Roots Festival

We were on-site at Cosmic Roots Festival in the UK, to deliver a recycling system for their on-site waste. The event operated a reusable scheme and went above and beyond to achieve maximum recycling. This involved a volunteer-operated picking line that separated contaminants and recyclables from the waste generated on-site. Over the course of the event, we were pleased to see very low levels of litter, which left the site looking fantastic. The main source of on-the-ground litter was reusable cups, which were unfortunately left on the floor by many festival-goers.

Cosmic Roots Festival in Norfolk, UK, operates a reusable cup scheme and needed help with managing the on-site waste. A waste sorting line ensures we achieved maximum capture rates on-site. The Rubbish Project also provided training and management to the team of volunteers who were helping during the event with both litter picking and operating the sorting line.

Two types of bins were used on the site, general waste, and recycling. These were signposted with clearly communicated directions to promote correct bin use. This was broadly very successful, with minimal sorting required.

The Rubbish Project will create a more detailed blog post soon going over the details of the event, how we captured, sorted, and recycled the material and what we thought of the reusable scheme – so keep an eye out for that. The Rubbish team is excited to go back next time as cosmic roots continues to grow. Cosmic roots tickets were available here

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