The Rubbish Project Services

We offer a range of services all aimed at helping our customers to achieve the circular economy.

The Rubbish Portal

The rubbish portal includes our tracking system and learning resources which a one of a kind service designed to enable you to effectively track your impact and make improvements.

Circular System design

Businesses that adopt a circular economy model can operate more efficiently and respond more effectively to the needs of their customers. As a result, these businesses are better positioned to compete in the global marketplace.


Communicating is important to us. Its the key to engagement with recycling systems, and for educating your customers. We pride ourselves in making exciting stories using rubbish, and have worked with a range of retail, manufacturing and events brands to achieve this.

We use system, product and graphic design, alongside scientific backing to help create meaningful communication campaigns.

Products from waste

Using rubbish to make new products is the perfect example of the circular economy. We have worked on a wide variety of projects focused on doing just this, from plastic cups to high-end furniture. 

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