We help with the circular transition

We work with and connect stakeholders involved at each stage of the product and recycling supply chain, enabling transparent & circular solutions to be achieved. 


Circular System Design

The Rubbish Portal


Products From Waste

Media & Communications

Venues & Events

We work with events and venues to reduce waste cut carbon emissions. We can help you install closed loop systems with waste tracking and much more. 

Waste Processors

We are great partners for waste collectors and recyclers making your job easier and providing new customers. We work with the consumers of products to ensure their waste streams are clean and well sorted. We are also customers for the recycled material as we provide this back to the manufacturers of the products where possible.


By suppliers we mean any company that manages the supply and distribution of products, from packaging distributors to breweries. We can help integrate you into a closed loop supply chain that will build loyalty with your customers and improve the resilience and sustainability of your business model.

We can provide services to you and your customers that allow you to increase product sales while meeting and exceeding environmental legislation requirements.

Our full supply chain partnerships, and data mapping approach, allows us to provide you with insights as to where your products came from and what happened at their end of life. Our goal is to ensure the products you supply are captured and recycled into new products for you to re-supply again.

So get in touch and lets us know what you would like, or tell us about your business so we can we can help based on your current activities.


It’s really simple, you make stuff and we make it our mission to ensure your products are captured, recycled, and then ideally the material is returned to you for remanufacture. So we build the closed loop supply chain for your products including the two most important elements, capturing the products, and capturing data on the whole lifecycle.

We work with product suppliers and consumers to ensure your product can be captured and recycled, designing bespoke systems for different markets and consumer types.

Through our connections with waste processors we can also provide recycled raw materials for manufacturing your products, ideally containing your product waste.

So get in touch and lets us know what you would like, or tell us about your business so we can we can help based on your current activities.

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