Products From Waste

We create products packaging furniture art sculptures from waste

Why use rubbish?

Using rubbish to make new products is the perfect example of the circular economy. We have worked on a wide variety of projects focused on doing just this, from plastic cups to high-end furniture.

Our team consists of product designers and engineers who understand the entire process of product creation. Importantly, as environmentalists and circular economy experts they also know how to implement closed loop systems, ensuring products are designed for recycling and traceable capture methods have been considered. 


Upcycling rubbish into high end products is always a great story, and we used colossus to achieve it. We have experience in creating a wide range of materials based on clients waste outputs, meaning we are often able to turn hard to recycle waste streams into beautiful 3D printed products.


Closed Loop

Our preferred method is always closed loop, meaning that products can be made back into themselves at the end of their life. We have achieved this with rPET cups, printed furniture, and are actively working on a range of new materials and products.


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