Circular System Design

We design circular zero waste collection data systems

What is the circular economy?

The world, and your business currently exist in a linear economy. Where the worlds finite natural resources go on a one way journey becoming rubbish in the end. The circular economy is a new approach where resources are reused and recycled infinitely.

Why go circular?

Going circular is not only vital for the planet, as the linear economy is the leading driver behind environmental destruction, but it’s also a great business decision. It will build resilience in your supply chain, cut waste & carbon, reduce costs, and sustainably grow your business.

Product Consumption

We can help you choose which products and packaging your business should use. Reusable or disposable, recyclable or biodegradable, mono or multi material, there are lots of options to consider but we can tell you you what is best for you.

The products you consume define the waste streams, so making the right choices makes recycling much easier. Our advice will lead you to products that minimise your carbon and waste footprint as well as costs.

Waste Capture

We can help you efficiently capture the waste from your venue, event, business or supply chain for recycling. We know which methods and equipment to use in each scenario.

 With a good waste management system you can increase user engagement and recovery rates while reducing contamination and costs. We can help you to create a great system that will not only deliver great results but also collect data measuring your performance

Waste Storage

Storing waste can be a logistical nightmare, so it pays to think carefully about how this is managed on your site or in your supply chain. We can help you to choose the best storage techniques, equipment and infrastructure to optimise your storage efficiency while segregating different waste streams for recycling.

Waste Collecting

We can help to arrange the collection of your waste materials for recycling through our network of transport partners. We are experienced in creating bespoke logistics solutions that enable the low cost collection of segregated waste from a single location or a whole network.

We can also help you to capture data on the materials that are collected enabling us to provide your business with recycling rates for the products you consume. With the right collection partners and system you can reduce your costs, increase recycling. With our smart approach you can also measure your impact creating valuable metrics for insights, optimisation and marketing.

Sorting & Recycling

We are experts are ensuring that waste materials are sorted in a system that maximises the recovery of recyclable materials while also providing traceability data. We can also help you to ensure your rubbish is recycled at the highest quality possible, and not sent to landfill or incineration.

Our goal when setting up recycling systems is to close the loop ensuring the waste is turned back into the same products. This not only makes great environmental sense it also secures your supply chain by protecting your access to the raw materials required for your products.

Data & Tracking

We know that you cannot solve a problem without understanding it. So we take the tracking of the whole product and waste lifecycle very seriously, in order to solve the problem of rubbish. 

We can provide tracking software and create bespoke smart systems that capture data on your waste and recycling. The metrics and insights produced can be used not only as a marketing tool and for ESG reporting, but also to continually optimise and improve your system.

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